“Hello, come in!” I said.

My name is Jonathan Hurwitz. I am from the United States of America and my Gmail is more organized than yours. I study movies and TV at NYU, and la-di-da, la-di-da, la la. Most importantly, however, let me tell you how I landed here on el blogosphero. (My blog is a male.)

After moving to Manhattan last year, I worked on the movie adaptation of The Extra Man by Jonathan Ames. Now one year later, the amateur boxer/author/G-d has secured a pretty tight spot in my brain place. (I sent him an email a few weeks ago but I don’t expect a response back, and I’m OK with this. I’ve lowered my expectations of connecting with my creative heroes after missing Woody Allen just thirty seconds after he left the hotel where he was playing clarinet one night.)

Anyways, I just finished reading Mr. Ames’s book My Less Than Secret Life: A Diary, Fiction, Essays, and the introduction explains that his columns may transform into a patchwork life story when read in sequence with one another. (Ugh. Now that I’m thinking about it I actually really hope he writes me back.) Similarly, as I sit down to begin this blog, my compulsion is to set up my mission in writing, a constitution of sorts. But, to do so could be limiting and may also require spontaneous amendments. The most effective rules, after all, are often clearest after the fact, like how I didn’t know what the ten categories and forty sub folders of my Gmail should be until after I organized my 20,000 emails. With all this in mind, I think it’d be best to leave a bit of room for this little thing called imagination. (This reminds me of a David Lynch quote I wrote down once:

Psychology destroys the mystery, this kind of magic quality. It can be reduced to certain neuroses or certain things, and since it is now named and defined, it has lost its mystery and the potential for a vast, infinite experience.

At this point I’d also say get used to parentheses, but then I’d be inadvertently establishing a rule, and as described above, rules are no good.)

(Seriously though, if Jonathan doesn’t write me back I think I’m going to die!)

I’d like to end with a note my friend Claire gave me in our discussions about this blog: “Don’t be too personal. Nobody cares.” While I agree, I do think context and perspective are important in any situation, so I’m going to close this first post with a list of things I would consider putting in a book jacket biography, should I ever be so fortunate to be in the place to do so:

  1. My favorite movie is: Toy Story/Finding Neverland/The Matrix/Lost in Translation/Annie Hall (January-November) and Love Actually/Elf (December)
  2. My top three favorite famous living people in the entertainment industry are: Jon Stewart, Woody Allen, and Oprah.
  3. I would like to live in a New York City romantic comedy because then I could live in an exorbitantly-priced apartment and not ever really have to be seen working.
  4. I want to know a lot about everything.
  5. I keep an ongoing list of really great sentences. Most recently I’ve found this one: “I like the dark part of the nights, after midnight and before four-thirty, when it’s hollow, when ceilings are harder and farther away. Then I can breathe, and can think while others are sleeping, in a way that can stop time, can have it so—this has always been my dream—so that while everyone else is frozen, I can work busily about them, doing whatever it is that needs to be done, like the elves who make the shoes while children sleep.” Dave Eggers wrote this one.
  6. I’m naming my daughter either Princess Beyonce or Rachel.
  7. I’ve never been in love. (The reason obviously lies in the entry that rhymes with “fix.”)
  8. I wish every month was December because I like the general happy feeling that comes with snow and Christmas.
  9. I believe in magic. The “Gnomes” episode of South Park? Totally accurate. Except in my life it’s Dobby from the magical land of J.K. Rowling. And he steals my right socks instead of my under garments.

So now you know the “real me,” as they say (who says this?), and can stick with me as I discuss lots of things and even more stuff! Like, but not limited to: life, movies, TV shows, books, old journal entries I stumble upon, other people’s things and stuff, people commenting on those people’s things and stuff, etc. (After all, in a nation that’s pretty damn good at sharing and stealing—for a recent example, see The Social Network—much of what we say and think are triggered by other things we say and think, like afterthoughts. Or parentheses.)

Feel free to send any comments, suggestions, and love notes you may or may not have to jonathanshurwitz@gmail.com. And by you I very specifically and decidedly mean you, Jonathan Ames.

And if the blog’s too much to read, get it in 140 characters or less on Twitter @jonathanhurwitz.

Talk to you later. (This time, “you” meaning the people actually reading this. Which probably really only means you, Claire.)



12 responses to ““Hello, come in!” I said.

  1. Don’t forget me J, you know I’m going to be checking your blog on the reg. Can’t wait to read what comes next in the magical world of Spidey Seth Hurwitz. Peace and love.

  2. Ofcourse I read every profound word and I have a box in my storage closet labeled Jonathans’ writings starting out when you a “little kid”. I’m staying alive just to see youy published. I love you Grandma

  3. Nancy Auslander

    I guess you need to increase your list to include me too!!! I am a fan and look forward to watching you grow and accomplish your dreams. Don’t rush, don’t run away from possible experiences, and don’t be afraid!!!
    I love you!

  4. It’s all about the journey……
    “Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.” -C.S. Lewis

  5. i do have your imdb on my favorites bar on my google chrome browser jonathan seth. i can’t wait to spoil princess b.

  6. I am very happy to see that Jon Stewart is one of your favorite people! It’s nice to know we have one of the same favorite people. Oh and welcome to the blogosphere.

  7. Meagan VanderWeele

    You are destined for greatness. Dream big
    I am blown away by your talent and creativity. Can’t wait to see where your life takes you!
    “The future belongs to those you believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
    -Eleanor Roosevelt

  8. Some definite “lol” moments in this blog Jon. I’m glad I get to hear your thoughts even though you’re a million (hyperbole?) miles away.

  9. (a very good start, brother). (keep writing and sharing it with us).

  10. I have alway’s loved everything that you have written since you were a little kid. Nothing has changed. I am so enjoying your blog (not to mention I’m not surprised) I am getting to see another side of you, of which I love. I can’t wait to read another one, you make my day.
    luv u


    LUV U,

  12. it’s like you are inside my head. i love this. as said by the brillliant and amazing steve brule, “great job!”.

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