(ON TOPIC) My Big Gay One-Year Coming Out Blog Anniversary

Two blog-worthy anniversaries are happening this week. One year ago I wrote my first post on this blog. One year ago I also told my best friend Chelsea that I’m gay, marking the beginning of my “2010 Coming Out Tour.” With those achievements in mind, a celebratory blog post seems fitting.

I think these pictures speak from themselves, but I offer them as a visual answer to the question, “When did you first know you were gay?” Or, in other words, “How did anyone not know I was gay?!”


Rainbow colors for a very straight rainbow drawing.

Purple and pink reinforcers

I would like the colors of the rainbow.

Assignment: Draw a self-portrait.

“The Rainbow Series” (1994)

Suggestive imagery


I told everyone I was going to marry her because she was “cute.”


So gay!

Letter swirls

My bedtime buddy would be a banana.

Gymnastics and Beanie Babies? Yup.

Cheers to reinforcing gay stereotypes!



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